Giving Back

ToastInvesting in the Lodge requires more than the mere payment of membership dues. In factoring your investment, it will be necessary to include such expenses to the several events which will occur during the course of each year. These include such functions such as Lodge retreats, picnics, holiday parties, and social outings to which you and your partner will be invited; as well as annual Masonic banquets, conferences and other special events. Many Lodges pay for some or all of these costs, while others may subsidize only a part.

It is important to understand two things in this matter regarding Justice-Columbia Lodge No.3. First, except in those very special instances (i.e. Congressional breakfast) provided by the benevolence of an individual sponsor, each member of Justice-Columbia Lodge No.3 is expected to pay the full cost for themselves and their partner to attend. Generally, the cost to attend a Masonic banquet or similar function usually averages between $75 – $100 per person. Second, although attendance is not required, your presence at these activities is strongly encouraged. It’s at these functions where you will get the best opportunity to meet the many others involved in our important work; represent the high level of commitment and excellence to the Craft and mission of the Lodge; and better learn and understand the fullness of the teachings of Freemasonry.

Another important consideration concerns Lodge projects which may require your international travel to participate. These expenses will include such costs as airfare, hotel accommodations, food, taxes, etc. While such circumstances do not occur on a frequent basis, they are nonetheless, a dynamic in Justice-Columbia Lodge No.3 you will more likely need to manage than in most other Lodges.