Membership Policy


As with any group, there are certain expenses associated with operating the organization – rent, utilities, insurance, food, etc., and the Craft is no different. To pay for these necessary costs, each Lodge sets its own annual dues. Thus membership may be different from one Lodge to the next depending on these and other important factors such as the number of members, special projects or events, and strength of its investment portfolio. As a member of Justice-Columbia No. 3, you have learned that improving the worth of the individual in society is a prime objective of Freemasonry. But these lessons do not merely refer and complement the intellectual, spiritual or social nature of man, but also broadens our understanding that the worth of a man is further achieved by the recognition of the corresponding responsibility which must accompany each privilege extended and enjoyed in the Lodge. This principle finds its highest expression in the teaching to regard the whole of Freemasonry as one common family who are sent into the world to aid, protect, and support one another. Timely payment of Annual Dues is a simple, but nonetheless profound expression of this awareness. Please be sure to send your annual dues to the Secretary BEFORE September 30th, to ensure a proper recording in satisfaction of your obligation.


Like most lodges, Justice-Columbia No. 3 also offers a life membership which can be purchased for a one-time fee. This allows a member to take advantage of the present value of his dollar without having to worry about dues increases to cover inflation or other costs, over the course of your Masonic life. In Justice-Columbia Lodge, the life membership is based on a formula equal to 20X the annual dues. At present, the amount stands at Four Thousand Dollars ($4,000) for a life membership. It is also important to note that membership in each Lodge, or associated Body of Masonry, establishes and requires its own dues, which is an amount additional to your annual dues paid to Justice-Columbia No.3. So while, membership in our Lodge will allow you to visit other Lodges, it does not permit you to participate in the governance of any Lodge or Body to which you are not a member.