Rites Benefits

The most important obligation a Freemason can make is the responsibility of taking care of his brethren, their widows and orphans. As such, it is important that you are aware of the rights and benefits of a Freemason and how they apply to your family.

WidowA very important benefit is the right of a Masonic funeral service. When in the course of human events we all shall meet our fateful end, we ask that your family immediately contact your Lodge, particularly the Secretary or Worshipful Master. Even if you have not been in your mother Lodge for years, a funeral service can be performed in a Sojourner Lodge near you.

Because these moments are tragic and often difficult to comprehend, we further recommend you speak with your partner in advance to express not only your last wishes, but the importance of keeping the lines of communication open with your Lodge, especially your contact information. In the days when you may not be as active as your are now, ensuring your Lodge is informed of any major life changes is of critical importance to helping us monitor your well-being, and that of your family.

In those instances if you should be taken ill or confined to the hospital; or if your spouse or child(ren) are in need of financial or other assistance, we further encourage and ask that you also contact your Lodge as soon as it is possible for you. The sooner we learn of difficult situations, the more we may be able to better assist.

Again, any Master Mason who was in good standing in Freemasonry at the time of his death is entitled to a Masonic funeral if you or your family requests it. Such a request should be made to the Lodge who will make the necessary arrangements with the family, the mortuary, and the appropriate clergy as necessary.

The service must be authorized by the Masonic jurisdiction in which you are located at the time of passing, or where you choose to be interred. The service itself may consist of participation at the mortuary, the beginning at the funeral home and the closing at the graveside, or graveside only. Pallbearers, if requested however, should be furnished at the request of the family, although some Masons may choose to participate if asked.

In general, the Lodge will do as much or as little as you, or the nearest relative wishes it to do, that is not inconsistent to our established customs and instructions. While we celebrate the contributions your partner makes in his daily Masonic endeavors, so shall we also cherish his memory when the roll of the workmen is eventually called, and this Master Mason does not answer to his name.